The single source
of truth for your entire
lead management funnel.

Ohmylead is the one stop solution for converting, scoring and qualifying your leads.

Effortless lead verification, scoring & qualification

All the data and features you need to qualify your leads in under an hour

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Phone & Email Validationn

Automatically validate email addresses and phone numbers to weed out the bad and only focus on the good.


Lead Enrichement

Integrates with lead enrichement providers to bring enriched lead data righ on Ohmylead


Lead Filtering

Search your leads database or slice and dice based on date, source or status.


Lead Scoring

Use preconfigured automatic scoring to prioritize your leads inside Ohmylead

Send your leads
to your CRM in one click

You made your qualification call and found a hot 🔥 lead? Great! all you have to do now is press the "qualified" button to deliver it to your preconfigured CRM.

Nurture your leads
using your favourite ESP

Most leads will not be sales-ready, they have nothing to do on your CRM. Deliver them in one click to your Email Service Provider for further nurturing.

Measure & Analyze

A cross-channel, birds-eye view on your lead management


Measure R.O.I.

Find out which of your sources generate the most qualified leads and reorient your ad investment in real time.


Monitor team performance

Compare qualification agents' output and reward good performance.


Statistics at your fingertips

Keep an eye on the top of your funnel for better sales forecast.

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