Lead Management For Digital Agencies

Provide your customers with the tools to follow up faster, convert more & increase sales, completely White-labeled.


In short, this is like air traffic control for your leads - it makes sure that no leads fall through the cracks and they get the most appropriate immediate response Martin Belhoste - Sales manager - Moët Hennessy - France

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Centralize ALL your leads in a simple and intuitive interface

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Qualify Leads:

Lead enrichment and automatic emails & phone numbers verification helps streamline qualification..


Real-time email notifications allows faster follow-up which increases chances of conversion.

Increase Sales:

Measure & analyze your results to reorient your ad budget accordingly and ROAS.

Digital Agencies, SME & Startups
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Centralized Lead Management For Agencies

Forget the clumsy and outdated exchanges of leads in spreadsheets. Help your customers follow up faster with their leads by providing them with real-time access to their leads in a simple intuitive interface.

Exceed your customer's expectations.

Real-time is just the tip of the iceberg. Lead data is automatically enriched, phones and emails verified, sales alerted by email, and welcome emails are sent to leads. Features that will make your customers smile 😊

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By reporting the qualification results directly on Ohmylead, your customers provide you with invaluable insights on your campaigns performance. Allowing you to fix targeting issues and increase qualification rates before its even noticed.


We know how important for a agency to provide a consitent customer experience across the journey. So we made the Ohmylead agency plan completely white-labeled. As an agency partner you can provide Ohmylead technology to your customers on your own domain and your own brand.

We integrate with
your favourite tools

Integrates to your favorite Email Service Provider, Landing page builder, CRM, or IP Phone via our native integrations and Zapier.

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This is ideal for all agencies or any sales team wanting to streamline their workflow.

Your customers will have their own access and view allowing them to follow-up. You will be able to either allow them to be an ‘editor’ or to be a ‘viewer’.

Yes, you will be notified by email in real-time for any newly generated lead.

No, you do not need to have any technical skills, we also offer live demos that you can easily access at the top of the page if you need help starting.

An effective Lead Management System is an absolute must if you are serious about scaling your lead generation business within your local market or internationally. It helps agencies save time, reduce waste through validation services, increase their conversion rates with nurturing tools & optimise their clients campaigns with real-time reporting.

Depending on how serious you take it, most of our customers start seeing results from their first month of their subscription.

Start delivering more qualified leads to your customers today and increase their ROI, and yours