The OhMyLead story started in 2014. Before writing the first line of code, we, as a digital agency, generated tens of thousands of leads for our clients running several hundred marketing campaigns through inbound and outbound channels.

We were struggling to consolidate endless spreadsheets, export tons of reports, and getting visibility about which sources generated the most qualified leads. Plus, not all of the leads were of high quality–they didn’t all have a real potential to become customers. We had a lot of customers asking for a tool that would allow:



Sales and marketing departments to have a common view and more trust



Delivering only qualified leads into their CRM, others ready for further nurturing


Measure ROI.

Determining which sources generate the most qualified leads.


We wanted to simplify our process and meet the needs of our clients by building a solution that would be the missing link between the lead generation and the final CRM.

  • Capture and centralize more qualified leads
  • Simplify and partly automate the qualification process
  • Optimize team and customer engagement
  • Deliver automatically into CRM or mail marketing tool
  • Measure ROI and performance rate in real time

Manage all your leads under one roof

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01. Connect

Connect all your lead sources to Ohmylead to unify and streamline your lead management process.

02. Qualify

Ohmylead is built from the ground up to make lead qualification fast and easy. You will never miss a lead again.

03. Nurture & Close

Complete your funnel on your own lead nurturing tool or your CRM, while giving your sales people insights they can act upon.

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