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Respond to facebook leads in seconds and boost your lead conversion. Whenever and wherever a new lead is converted, you get notified in real time.

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My sales reps can now dive into a lead without bouncing around, everything is synced inside the app, Dreamy.
Haim pekel- CEO - Press On it - London

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01. Sync your fb leads

Easily connect your facebook ad-forms and configure an automatic welcome email and instant alerts of your new leads.

02. Qualify your leads

Filter and quickly respond to your Facebook leads in less than 5 minutes thanks to our intuitive and automatic qualification algorithm.

03. Measure Your R.O.I

Analyze your campaigns and orient your investments towards the ads (Audiences, Content & Visuals) that generate the most Facebook qualified leads.

Welcome Email & Real-Time Notifications
Qualify 7 times more leads.

Contacting leads within 5 minutes of conversion increases qualification rates 7 times. Ohmylead sends a real-time notification to your team to ensure faster response time. A automated welcome email is sent to your leads to keep them "warm".

Automatic Validation Of Emails & Telephones
Verify your Facebook leads before sending them to your Sales team

Ohmylead will validate emails and phone numbers of incoming leads in real-time to eliminate rejects and focus your actions on valid leads.

Measure The R.O.I Of Your Facebook Lead Ads Campaigns
Pay Less For Better Facebook Leads Quality

Analyze & compare the results of your advertising groups and redirect your investment in real-time, towards the best performing campaigns.

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